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Program Areas

The Mandate Health Empowerment Initatives supports in the following


Provision of psychosocial support for internally displaced persons and pyschological and psychosocial support for security agencies and their families.
Provision of psychosocial support for PLW HIV/AIDS
Provision of in-school and out-school children’s psychosocial support.
Facilitations for expecting/nursing mothers during antenatal and Post-natal segments at government and private hospitals.
Collaborations with Ministry of Health and other stake holders for outreaches/campaigns and seminars.


Capacity building in reading, writing and innovative Idea. Facilitating workshops, training seminars and conferences on Psychosocial Support in partnership with National Primary Health Care Development Agencies for PHCs across the 6 geopolitical zones.
Aiding scholarships and bursaries for students and pupils with psychological Issues.
Conduct a 2-year mental health and psychosocial support activity in government secondary and primary schools for enhanced academic performance.
Collaboration with the Ministry Of Education and other stake holders for the creation and inclusion of mental health assessment policy for both government and private school in Nigeria.


Provision of useful information and early warning signals for measuring Progress in the Implementation of Mental Health and psychosocial support reforms practices in Nigeria.

• Conduct of a base line research on pregnant women and children.
• Conduct of a base line research on psychosocial status of Nigerians.


Care for people with special needs and victims of crisis or disaster.
Psychosocial support and vocational skill training for children who dropped out of school due to conflict or disaster.
Specialized Training and capacity building for Internally Displaced Persons and Security agencies.
Training and capacity building for Prenatal and Postnatal depressed women.


About MHEI

Our Background


The Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative is a non-governmental and non-profit organization registered with CAC, 2015 with the registration number CAC/IT/NO 79847. Her mission is centered on promoting mental health and psychosocial support to people especially pregnant women and school-aged children, internally displaced persons through advocacy, capacity building, training, counseling, outreaches and early intervention.

Our strengths are in capacity building, Information and training, Stress Management/Counseling, and Mental Health, Drugs and Substance abuse Outreaches, and Advocacy. We have a television program tagged, Mental Health Forum that runs every weekday, Mondays to Fridays 10:00am to 11:00am on Africa Health Television and we have organized outreaches, health promotions, mental health campaigns, collaborated, and partnered with Federal Government agencies, other private stakeholders and international non-governmental organizations./p>

Guiding Principles

The following includes our Guiding Principles:

  • Transparency.
  • Equality and Fairness.
  • Integrity.
  • Hard work.
  • Focus.
  • Accountability.
  • Compassion.

Core Values

  • Transparency.
  • Hard work.
  • Focus .
  • Integrity.
  • Accountability.

Goals & Objectives

To contribute the reduction of post and prenatal depression and anxiety in prenatal period and its associated consequences.

  • Goals

    To make Nigeria and Africa a place where people are conscious of their mental health conditions and enjoy wellbeing whilst deploying our expertise to ensure timely and appropriate sensitization, training, counseling, psychosocial support intervention.

  • Objectives

    SMART = Specific - Measurable - Attainable – Realistic – Timed

    • To improve the quality of life during the prenatal and postnatal stages of pregnancy for women suffering from mental health conditions through therapy and counseling by 2020.
    • To secure partnership with Federal Ministry of Health for the inclusion of an Improved mental health and psychosocial support Content in the NYSC Training Programme for Corps members for optimal service year productivity by 2020.
    • To promote prenatal mental health training informed by best psychosocial support practices guideline across Nigeria by 2020.
    • To contribute to the reduction of Pre/Post-natal depression and anxiety during Pre/Post Natal stages of pregnancy and its associated consequences by actively involving mental health and psychosocial support services in antenatal sections in government and private hospitals.
    • To organize advocacies and awareness campaign on mental health and psychosocial support issues affecting government public primary and secondary schools by 2020.
    • To provide useful information/early warning signals for measuring progress in the implementation of mental health reforms practices in Nigeria.
    • To canvass the need for national framework for the provision of mental health and psychosocial support, giving priority to mental health as other areas of health in the federal budget by 2020
    • To carry out awareness creation on infant mental health and Nutrition at various developmental stages.

  • Mission Statements

    To provide mental health and psychosocial support services through advocacy, training, telehealth care counseling, partnership and collaboration with state and non state actors.

  • Vision statement

    To be a catalyst in building a mentally healthy society

  • MHEI


The Summary of our major works in 2015 is as follows:

1. The Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative organized an outreach in collaboration with Living Faith Church Gwarinpa TAGGED: What every child needs for a mental health life. Held 21st March, 2015

2. We participated in a media advocacy program on mental health awareness on Radio WE FM 106.3 Maitama on 20th April, 2015 for 1hr 30min from 6:30 to 8pm

3. The Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative did a paper presentation for hospitality unit of Living Faith Church on the place of mental health for optimal productivity 11th April, 2015

4. The Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative collaborated with Ray of Hope Foundation to celebrate the children day activity @ Acades suit Central Area. 27th May 2015 we presented a talk on the place of Mental Health for sustainability of development in Nigeria

5. The Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative on 6th June, 2015 started its weekly live mental health forum episodes on African Health Television Abuja Nigeria, from 10am to 10:30am Mondays and Fridays. Recorded programs are broadcast other weekdays, discussing various topics on mental health, promoting mental health and proffering early interventions for mental health disorders.

6. We had a medical outreach at LEA primary school Gwarinpa on 20th June 2015 over 300 people were attended to also a lecture on the place of mental health for a healthy society was delivered by the president of MHEI the outreach lasted from 11am to 5pm.

7. The Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative partnered with Pro Health International for a 3 day internally displaced people camp outreaches in Abuja from 8th to 10th August 2015.
- 8th – IDP camp Oronzo Jikwoyi
- 9th – IDP camp New Kuchingoro Airport road
10th- IDP camp Old Kuchingoro

8. United States Embassy Nigeria in collaboration with Cedar Seed Foundation gave us a platform on 5th August 2015, to present a paper on civic engagement the social media tool for championing a stigma and decimation free society for the disabled in Nigeria.

9. The Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative in collaboration with Ex boys Association of Nigerian Military School, Zaria organized a welfare and health pro outreach at GWOZA and BAMA Internally Displaced Persons Camp 29th August 2015

10. Had a 1 hour stop the hate campaign radio program in collaboration with 4 other civil society organizations in Abuja on Tuesday 8th September 2015 at WE 106.3 FM Maitama Abuja

11. We have been privileged to undergo various trainings: a 2 day media training by UNICEF and a 4-day training for treatment and assessment for alcohol, substance abuse, and related crimes in Nigeria at National Hospital Abuja by UNODC.

12. Joined the world in celebrating world mental health day with a 2 day program. 9th October 2015 we had a road show dignity dance from Wuse market to Merit house Maitama creating general awareness for mental health and Drugs & Substance abuse. 10th October 2015 we rounded off the world mental health day with paper presentations

13. We carried out a mental health campaign at the National Youth Service Corps orientation camp Kubwa on 9th Nov, 2015 in collaboration with National Primary Health Care Development Agency, the News Agency of Nigeria and African Health Television.


Summary of our 2016 major works

1. The MHEI participated in the TVET LEADERS FORUM 17th January 2016 at the Abu Dhabi Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. The forum enhanced and equipped us on best skills for psychosocial support services.

2. A 3 day National psychosocial support summit was organized and hosted in Abuja by MHEI from 29th to 31st of March 2016 with activities ranging from Media advocacies, press conference, paper presentations. The summit was chaired by president of the National Psychological Association Prof Andrew Zamani and President of National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives, Comrade Adeniji Abdulrafiu. Presidential Initiative for North East, National Orientation Agency, other state actors and non-state actors, civil society organizations, media houses, internally displaced persons from three different camps were also in attendance.

3. Mental health and nutrition for infant brain development grass root campaign at the Bwari Area Council 13th August 2016 in partnership with FCT Primary Health Care Board, Health Department Bwari Area Council and the National Hospital Abuja.

4. The Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative join the global world to mark the world mental health day with a two day program in Abuja. On Saturday 8TH of October 2016 she had her Aerobics and Walk Campaign at Unity Fountain with various civil society organization in participation alongside other well-meaning celebrities, artists The Cycling Wheels Abuja members and NCHAP team international from United Kingdom. Free assessment and counselling was also offered at the event.

The world mental health program continued on Monday 10th October 2016 the Nationwide mental health stakeholders summit commenced by 11am at the National Hospital Abuja with the opening address from the CMAC National Hospital Abuja which was quickly followed by the MHEI president speech and the good will from some representatives of the key participating organizations like WHO, National Association of Psychiatric Nurses Nigeria, FCT PHCs Board, BoT Member. Shortly a Panel of discussion began with the Chief Consultant Psychiatrist National Hospital Dr. Ephraim O Sola chairing the conversation and the Question & Answer sections. The summit was ended with a launch of a telepsyhairtric platform designed to offer free psychosocial support to internally displaced persons, other victims of crisis and disasters from anywhere in Nigeria.


We are a member of:

International Association Youth Mental Health, USA .

The Mental Health Innovation Network, USA .

International Initiative for Mental Health and International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership in New Zealand

Global Movement for Mental Health, India.


Ameh Zion Abba
President The Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative

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ABUJA OFFICE: 18, 69 Road Model city Gwarinpa. Abuja
LAGOS OFFICE: 165 Akowonjo, Cele bus stop Egbeda, Lagos State


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